Cognitive biases useful links

A simple test related to cognitive bias is known as the dot-probe task. This tests for an optimistic or pessimistic bias and is available from McGill:
» Dot-Probe demonstration

The Harvard Implicit Association Test surveys unconscious biases in several areas.
» Project Implicit

Dylan Evans’ Risk Intelligence Test can be found at:
» Risk Intelligence Test

The Lovallo and Sibony article published by McKinsey, outlining the original classification of the five types of biases surveyed by the CBT, can be found here:
» The case for behavioural strategy

Cognitive Bias Solutions - Cognitive Bias Test Report - SampleAn alternative to the Lovallo and Sibony classification of cognitive biases has been created Buster Benson on the Better Humans website. His Cognitive Bias Codex is well worth a look, and can be found here:
» Cognitive Bias Codex

The Harvard Business Review has a series of articles on cognitive biases which can be accessed here:
» The Magazine – HBR

A sample cognitive bias test report can be downloaded from here:
» Download Cognitive Bias Test sample report


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