Cognitive bias FAQs

Our most frequently asked questions about the cognitive bias test…

How much does it cost?
Cognitive bias tests for up to 15 executives, on the same senior leadership team, cost US$5,000. Additional participants can be surveyed by the cognitive bias test and are charged on a pro-rata basis. Workshops are usually one and a half to two days long, and the facilitator will be able to provide you with the costs for this. If you need a qualified cognitive bias test facilitator, please contact us – and we will happily pass on the contact details of suitable consultants.

Can we just get the cognitive bias test report without the workshops?
No. The issues involved are complex and require a facilitated workshop to ensure that the biases identified and the mitigation techniques which should be used are thoroughly understood.

Can a workshop be arranged anywhere in the world?
Broadly, yes. Workshops are provided on all continents, except Antarctica.

How long does it take to prepare a Cognitive Bias Test Report?
The longest period of time is usually taken up collecting responses from executives (typically 10 days). Once they have all completed the survey, the cognitive bias test reports are typically sent out to each workshop participant in five working days.

What does a cognitive bias test report show?
Each report shows the executive’s individual cognitive biases map, his/her view of the senior leadership team’s biases and the team’s view of its biases. These are displayed in three easy-to-read, proprietary bias maps. The report also contains background information on cognitive biases and the test and explores the benefits and drawbacks of each category of cognitive biases. A sample cognitive bias test report can be downloaded from the useful links section.

How do executives take the cognitive bias test?
A link is sent to each executive, who then takes the cognitive bias test online. It typically takes 20 minutes to complete.

Can executives retake the cognitive bias test after a period of time to see if their biases have changed?
Yes – and this is excellent practice. Costs for retests are reduced, with the debrief being typically conducted by conference call. A minimum period of six months is recommended between one test and the next.

Are the results of the cognitive bias test confidential?
Yes, individual and team cognitive bias test results are never disclosed or discussed with any other party. Senior leadership team executives discuss their reports with one another during the workshops, yet answers to individual questions are not disclosed, either in the report or to any person. The pattern of the data is what the report measures and shows, not individual responses to questions. You can read the CBT Facilitators’ Code of Practice which deals with confidentiality and other related issues.

Can the cognitive bias test be used effectively for more junior executives?
No, the cognitive bias test and the workshops are designed for more senior executives working at the strategic level. Typically, for a large multinational corporation (MNC), this would be defined as the CEO and his/her senior leadership team or a country manager/MD and one level below. For some clients, we have had success with one level below that, but strongly do not recommend that it be used with more junior executives.

Is the cognitive bias test available in other languages?
No, the cognitive bias test is available only in English. Measuring cognitive biases is a tricky process, and experience has shown that it does not survive translation well. For the level of executive for which the cognitive bias test is designed, English language skills are not normally an issue.

Can individual executives take the cognitive bias test?
Yes. The full cognitive bias test measures both individual cognitive biases and team biases. It requires all executives in a leadership team to take the cognitive bias test within a reasonable time frame (typically 10 days). However, the individual cognitive bias test (ICBT) measures individual cognitive biases only. Debriefing sessions following the test can be conducted in person or by telephone call. ICBT reports provide only one bias map; while the data are valuable, they are less insightful than the full cognitive bias test report which provides a complete set of three bias maps.