Typical Case Studies

Interest Biases Case Study

Ramesh, the CEO of a medium to large enterprise in the primary sector, had led his business from a start-up he and his brother had founded to one with 25,000 employees and a turnover of $2Bn operating in 5 countries. His focus now was to put the company in good shape prior to listing on the stock exchange.
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Social Biases Case Study

Cognitive biases map - Case study 2James was the CEO of a successful company in the secondary sector, manufacturing goods for supply to other companies. James had originally worked in one of the large consulting firms after his MBA, before moving over to industry 15 years ago. He was known as a smart, charismatic leader with an excellent reputation for getting things done.
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Pattern-recognition Biases and Stability Biases Case Study

Cognitive biases map - Case study 3Alan, was the CEO of a large multi-national company operating in the tertiary sector. His senior leadership team was made up of some very long serving executives, and some new arrivals who had join following M&A and organic expansion.
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