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We measure and mitigate hidden thinking.

We provide the only tool that measures hidden thinking in senior executives. We do this using a proprietary on line survey of senior leaders’ cognitive biases.

Cognitive biases corrupt thinking, and are particularly dangerous when executives are thinking about the future. They are also insidious – as well as affecting individuals, they affect teams – who tend to form group biases as they work together.

Our Cognitive Bias Test measures both the individual biases of your executives, and the biases they have when they work together as a team.

We also certify accredited facilitators in the Cognitive Bias Test. Accredited facilitators are trained to provide workshops that help your executives understand the biases that they have, and then develop concrete tools to mitigate them.


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Cognitive Bias Test Report

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Biases: Typical Case Studies

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What is a cognitive bias?

Cognitive Bias Solutions – Test your cognitive biases
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A cognitive bias is a tendency to make repeated and similar mistakes in thinking. Unlike random errors, which have no pattern, these mistakes are systematically wrong in one direction. They usually arise from simple rules-of-thumb, or heuristics, which the mind uses to help it to perform a task more easily. As an example, the diagram illustrates the Ebbinghaus Illusion…

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Understanding cognitive biases

Cognitive biases should not be confused with unconscious biases or even conscious ones. One way of putting cognitive biases into context is to explore the links between personality and behaviour.

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Strategic leadership

Cognitive biases allow for fast decisions with the least mental effort. They can be useful when making immediate, tactical decisions, yet are almost invariably a hindrance when making strategic decisions. Why?

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Measuring cognitive biases

There are nearly 150 recognised cognitive biases. The original approach to measuring them in individuals involved eight weeks’ observation over a series of simulations.

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Mitigating cognitive biases

Awareness of cognitive biases (see measuring cognitive biases) is the first step. The next step is to have concrete tools to reduce the effects of these biases on our thinking.

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Cognitive bias workshops

By far the best way to help a senior leadership team to understand and mitigate their cognitive biases is through off-site workshops, conducted by qualified CBT facilitators. 

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The following are useful links, when researching cognitive biases.

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Further reading

One of the iron rules of cognitive bias mitigation is: read more than one book.

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