Privacy Policy – Cognitive Bias Solutions Ltd.

The privacy and security of your personal information is extremely important to us. This privacy policy explains how and why we use your personal data.

Your personal data (any information which identifies you, or which can be identified as relating to you personally) i.e. your name and email address, is held securely by us. We also retain the results of your Cognitive Bias Test securely. We do not retain any other information. We will retain your information for 10 years, and then destroy it. If you would like us to update or destroy your personal data held by us at any time before that, please contact

We use the personal data you provide to identify you so that we can match you with your test results, and so that your workshop facilitator can send you your test report. We do not share your data with any other person unless required to do so by law.

As a participant, your responses will also be analysed to help improve the Cognitive Bias Test in future. This data is always anonymised before we use it, i.e., your name will not be attached to any data which we analyse. Our analysis will look at patterns in the responses we receive, and may use anonymised data about your gender and ethnicity, where this is available.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) aims to harmonise data protection legislation across EU member states, enhancing privacy rights for individuals. It applies to organisations processing Personal Data which have an establishment within the EU and also those organisations which operate outside the EU but offer goods or services to, or monitor the behaviour of, individuals in the EU. The GDPR is applicable from 25th May, 2018.